A Wish for a Friend

A Wish for a Friend

Can you sync with your desire?
Trickle or rage as paths require?
Small or large, you build a fire
That lights... but not a wash.

Can you ask for help, divine?
And follow whim where it may climb.
And know it comes in perfect time.
Awash... without the lights.

A chance event reveals the flow.
A sight, unseen, you cannot know.
Accept with thanks and quickly go.
Moving... through the glass.

Ocean streams will nudge you here.
And trade winds nudge them there.
With open mouth and port-hole stare,
The looking glass... has moved.

Can you see the flow of space?
The quiet heart betrays its pace.
The energy like knitted lace,
Entwines... and crosses paths.

The distance short, now bathe in warmth.
A connection will be birthed, of course.
May not know how, and not the source.
Our paths... are now aligned.

© Sean G. O'Leary 2021 

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