Feel Good Evil

Feel good evil take the stage when hurting hearts are kept in cage.
A slight remark to bolster presence, devolves to tear down lives.
Sensibly, one turns an ear on blather come from far or near;
But, yet, an opined slur survives, and, yes, it even thrives.

Sparkled whisper hides the source when said with all respect, of course.
Truth be told or truth be sought, hardly seems to matter.
Practically, the rationale… to pin the target on the tale;
But few seem have the eyes to scope the blinding path of natter.

Maybe it is pecking order, or lines be drawn to mark a border.
But at their base, it’s plain to see, they lack security.
“Insightful” slant makes them feel more important than a heel;
Under which, their shaking hope… invisibility.

Put the focus over there, keep all eyes from looking here.
If busy sorting out the lies, they won’t produce their own.
The formula of unearned tears, for millennia, and more, of years.
The hidden twist will only bring prestige bought on a loan.

The secret word to confidant, who’s known for talking as they wont;
will spread as innuendo until someone finally blurts.
Full circle comes the story, and they needn’t had to worry;
For the target of the tale, it’s sure, misjudgement sorely hurts.

But over time, those wounds do heal; if with some pain as scabs do peel.
And freshened, thickened skin will grow with minimum of scars.
Then life returns to sweeter talk for those who slander doesn’t balk.
And sweeter acts must follow as with engines do their cars.

With that same time their lies do pyre, and truth or tale get lost in mire.
Employment to maintain the two takes every waking hour.
The recognition, dearly sought, dwindles down to nigh on nought.
And all the “winning” moments “won“, will, to a day, turn sour.

Among us friends a fib may tender; keep a peace, or family member;
Fabricate, and cross the line, you surely will force rent.
And so with groups and so with nations, at least the “patriotic” patrons;
Where lies are truth if you ’re to live and that with full enforcement.

© Sean G. O’Leary Nov. 2022

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