In the moments When I wake up

In the moments When I wake up

In the moments			When I wake up
I can feel you				In my bed.
As the light dawns			Through the window
I lay plans for				Far ahead.

As the sunspots			Dance around me
I can sense you			In the air.
Though I’m blinded		By the morning
I just know you’re			Lying there.

We will shower			Filled with laughter.
We will brush our 			Gleaming smiles.
We will watch each 		Other preening.
While we’re mulling		Over styles.

We’ll have breakfast		By the window
As the warming 			Day begins.
We will banter			Uneventful
In our world that’s			Free of sins.

We will part ways			For the long day
With an eye for			Evening sun.
We are certain			All will go well
As our day has			Just begun.

Life is perfect				Like a picture
Not a hair is 				Out of place.
Life is simple				Like in movies
Perfect rhythm			Perfect pace.

But the shadows			Of the landscape
They begin to				Disappear.
I can make out			Something distant
That I cannot 				Fully fear.

As my planning 			Starts to settle
Like the dust motes		On the sill;
My eyes adjust			To morning light,
I suspect that				All’s not well.

Through cracks in sleep,	My crusted eyes,
They begin to				See the day.
Through wells of tears		I see my fears,
And I cannot 				Look away.

My bedsheets stained 		With weep and sweat
And they smell of 			Me alone.
I’ve done no wrong.		I’ve done my best.
Yet I feel I				Should atone. 

© Sean G. O'Leary 2018

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