Inherited Fame

I keep coiffured hair and don runway clothes.
I've got waxed private spaces and a million dollar nose.

I'm diamond studded, tastefully, and ringed in special places.
I'm the envy of the older crowd with all their lifted faces.

I can smile without a feeling, but it hits you to the bone.
I'm the idol of your children and I permeate your home.

Accessories, designed by me, are worn the world around.
I impress your dull awareness without a single sound.

I can blog without a point and talk without a meaning.
I've got vlogs with Dali Lama and videos on preening.

My sex tape was an instant hit, with all penchant presented.
So all can want to want me, with all bent represented.

I crush on social media and trend at every turn.
I handle all my hecklers with four degrees of burn.

The haters keep their distance, the lurkers bide their time.
The lovers think they own me, but everyone is mine.

I work with all the movers, and shake with all the best.
The icons want to be with me to keep their lives abreast.

I've learned from all the ropes, now I'm pulling all the strings.
I'm the owner of the future and I plot the shape of things.

© Sean G. O'Leary 2019

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