Miss Remember

Why have I come to the kitchen, 
and what have I done with my wine.
I cannot recall why I'm bitching, 
I may well be losing my mind.

I call up dear Sophie to help me
and find she's been dead this 10 years.
Her husband so sadly informed me,
I left the poor man drowned in tears.

I rattle the dog leash for Rufus,
he hasn't appeared in an age.
I know he is somewhere, still with us;
my heart knows the truth like a sage.

My daughter, I feel, now has children;
my son, I sense, lost all his hair.
The love of my life, handsome Milton,
is haunting his favorite chair.

Though not sure if, ever, I married,
deep down I know what went on.
The bleed-through is leaving me harried;
which side of whose life am I on?

Reality matches in morning,
by evening it's gossamer-thin.
I've so much to tell that's is boring.
I've no clue, where, now, to begin.

My mind can contain a loose tether,
on memories, people and pets.
That life, it goes on, now and ever;
is clear, but too much to digest.

Always, I'll be who I will to be,
whether or not it makes sense.
And always my loved ones are with me,
despite it disintegrates tense.

© Sean G. O'Leary 2021

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