No Remorse

I have the thought, I take the act,
consequence be damned.
I satisfy my basest urge
despite who's left to stand.

They are my thoughts, they are my acts;
who's to rule my way?
Forget the now, forget the past;
remorse will stay at bay.

Except those imps in solitude
that creep and slither in;
the rest are victims all their own
and I am sure within.

Why ponder on philosophy,
morals, right and wrong?
Unhesitant, decisive acts
tell who is weak and strong.

Friends are overrated
and "loved ones" much the same.
If you encounter me, dear soul,
you've dealt into my game.

Where rationale is solely mine,
and logic follows through.
The cards my fall where ought they might
but I will trump on you.

It's said reflection comes at death,
no matter ilk or type.
But, that's a balm for weaker sorts,
to me it's so much hype.

I must get them before they me,
relentless... my career.
A lonely craft of vigilance,
my voices... all I hear.

© Sean G. O’Leary 2022

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