Quilled by a Quirt

Out from behind Shazed, bounded a matronly bulk (called a Quirt), not dissimilar in size but drastically so in form. “Oooooh, Shazed!!!”, she squealed, coquettishly, from an array of orifices that looked like a brass section (called her Quass). “I have a holiday gift for you before you go.”, she piped. Shazed lumbered around and extended one of his teme members (called a Quoin) in her direction. The smaller of the member (called a Quip) darted out to inspect the goings on in case assistance was required. One of her brassy openings extruded out from its relaxed trumpet flare to a fine needlepoint. From this she ejected a single strand of hair (called a Quill) into the hand of the larger member (called a Quorum).

The Quip nodded approvingly at the Quill from the Quirt’s Quass and disappeared into the Quorum, at which point the Quoin retracted back to Shazed.

As all of his kind learns around adolescence, Shazed knew what the strand of hair meant, coming from the Quirt. A single Quill from a Quirt meant the potential of growing new Quoin. Though a lengthy process taking up to 8 years for the Quorum and 2 for the Quip, he knew it would give him a more valuable teme when he returned to the workplace. He could demand shorter work periods between vacations, longer breaks during the workday. Other special concessions could be demanded based on having been Quilled by a Quirt!

This “gift” carried with it certain social implications that gave him pause. The acceptance of the Quill from the Quirt meant that Shazed would be responsible (at least in part) for keeping her clean, particularly her brassy Quass. Though he had never done this before, he had heard that it was quite enjoyable, and that one could discharge the obligation quite easily once or twice a week during work breaks.

Assuming this Quirt had Quilled others, she could have a cleaning schedule that was quite full. Leaving his job to be actually little or no obligation at all. In fact, she looked quite clean already, her Quass shining and glittering in the sun. Shazed considered that she had likely Quilled many.

The idea of having more Quoin was exciting and the obligations seemed small in relation to the advantages. Shazed decided to accept being Quilled by this Quirt!

He sent out all four Quoin, and the Quorum, with Quip, then, quized the Quirt’s Quass until she quivered. Musing of new Quoin, Shazed headed off for his holiday.


© Sean G. O’Leary 2001
Inspired by W.D. Haroutunian

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