Same Stuff

Cut from a cloth and birds of a feather
Two of a kind and petals of the heather.

Similar in caliber shot from hero’s guns.
Same as laces tying shoes, bolting on the run.

Dire tears rolling down the landscape of a face.
Raindrops streaking windows no matter where the place.

Notes of discord clanging from rooftops far away.
Moans of yearning crying out in beg for one to stay.

Screams of joy as waters splash our children’s tiny frame.
Sighs escaped from tightened lips when we are not to blame.

Chuckles from a cubby babe, “umm” from sleeping loves.
The thumping notes of victory and messages of doves.

“Yes” in win, “Yeah” in boast, “Thank you” in receipt.
“Aha” in understanding, “I’m Sorry” in defeat.

“There there” upon the shoulder. “Kiss kiss” upon the neck.
Or any other life vignette as deals emotions’ deck.

No matter how I put it, we both are just the same.
Through time and space appearances of body and of name.

© Sean G. O’Leary 2019

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