The Poet

The Poet is a writer, first, an actor on the spot;
They tweak and twirl and twiddle, ’till they run you cold and hot.

Bending use of adjective, worrying of plot;
Crafting out a simile with hyperbolic fraught.

Pacing over synonyms, antonyms if jammed,
Repurposing of idioms, with word or two in hand.

Wet Work

Who cares to see the softer side
of jobs, whose definitions hide
the details and the methods used;
leave life and limb and soul abused.

Something Wonderful

I woke up with this feeling
that I do not want to shake.
I’ve nurtured it throughout the day,
I have to stay awake.
It is tenuous and fragile,
like a wave without a wake.


What is more important than you being here with me?
I have all the insight of a spirit that is free.
Push against me, hard, so that I know that you are there.
Grab my nape with meaning, like a mother’s forceful care.