The Blues Done Right

The Blues Done Right

I woke up this morning but my woman wasn’t there.
All that was left was the smell of her hair,
on the pillow that was wet with her tears.

She said she would stay the night here with me
and sing my blue lines in b-flat and c
and throw away all her cares.

Sadie burnt a hole in me
And left nothing but a hotel room key.
Sadie burnt me with tire tracks.
Stole my Chevy and she ain’t coming back.

She said she would leave that New York tycoon.
We’d leave for St. Louis on the fast train at noon.
We would sing up our blues all the way.

She said that the money meant nothing to her.
That he couldn’t understand how we were.
But my wallet is empty today.

Sadie burnt a hole in me.
As the cigarette smoke wafts away.
Sadie burnt me with the hottest hope
As I heard my sweet Chev peal away.

I guess I’ll be playing Memphis Joe’s here all right.
And book this stale room one more night.
I’ll  land a rich gal from the bar.

I’ll pour out my soul on the small dancing floor.
I’ll look for the eyes that are crying for more.
And burn some fresh heart of my own.

Sadie burnt a hole in me.
I promised myself it’s never to be.
Sadie burnt me with smoldering eyes.
But I burnt her with a mirror of lies.

© Sean G. O'Leary 2017

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