Thought Vectors for Sale

Thought Vectors for Sale

“What exactly are you selling?”

“Thought Vectors! Haven’t you ever heard of Thought Vectors?”

“No, what are they?”

“Well they are sort of a consumable item. Only usable once by any given individual.”

“For example…”

“Well I can’t tell you one! You have to buy one.”

“How much?”

“Read the sign.”

“That’s expensive!”

“Read the fine print.”

“It says Free Sample. I thought you said I had to buy one?”

“I did and you do.”

“How do you stay in business if you contradict your prospects?”

“I have a lot of repeat customers who don’t complain.”

“Well what exactly is a Thought Vector, I don’t get it.”

“Have you ever had a thought that didn’t fully make sense, but at the same time sort of did? And you didn’t realize why until this thought hung around and beat around your thoughts for some time. Then after pounding on it from every angle, it hits you with a completely elated state, floods you with a warm wave of understanding, knowing with clear and utter certainty, why it didn’t seem to make sense but why it does now.”

“Actually, yes. I remember once when I was young…”

“WAIT! Don’t say it! The whole value of a Thought Vector is that they are completely unique from individual to individual. You may be able to trade your Thought Vector for a one you have never had if it is genuine. Have you ever told anyone about it?”


“Excellent! Hang on to that thought.”

“Are you serious, you are selling some entertaining thoughts for that huge amount?”

“These are not just some entertaining thoughts. These are Thought Vectors along which you have never traveled. Many people believe that there is no original thought and that all thoughts have already been thought. That some cosmic consciousness pools all original thought and we just dip into it when we are so inclined or so blessed. This couldn’t be further from the truth! Actually, original thoughts are rarely communicated because of their inherent deviation from the norm. They are not a high circulation item; they get ridiculed, laughed at, shot down. Thought Vectors are the stuff of original thought by unique beings!”

“You have to give me some example of what you are selling. How do I know this is not some gimmick?”

“I’m sorry, you’ll have to buy one.”

“I still don’t get it, how can you know that I haven’t had ALL these so-called Thought Vectors you are selling? “

“Unless I got the Thought Vector from you, or the Thought Vector was told to you by the individual who originally had it, you would never have traveled that line of thought. One of the real beauties of a genuine Thought Vector is that it is very rare that the individual who had it would ever tell anyone. These thoughts are so out-of-the-ordinary and so consuming in nature that the originator is often at a loss to tell about its details once they have experienced the clear, simple understanding of it, which validates it as a Thought Vector. In fact, most individuals completely forget them, but the telltale that they have had them is incorporated into their being. The reason for this is that the wash of understanding and clarity which comes over the individual once a Thought Vector is resolved makes all the things they went through to resolve it pale in comparison to that feeling and makes the whole process not worth remembering. But they are changed forever. And when asked about the source some personality characteristic or belief, that came about because of one, they are often unable to articulate the Thought Vector with any accuracy. However, and thankfully, this is not always the case”

“Sounds like you are selling riddles to me.”

“Riddles are for Dragons and Time. A riddle is a trick of word or circumstance. The feeling you get after you have solved a riddle is one of relief that you were not duped too long! Riddles can be told again and again. As long as enough time has transpired, it is likely the riddle will make you think about it’s answer again as though you had never heard it before. No, no, Thought Vectors bring about a feeling of genuine understanding, a feeling of self-acknowledgement of the pursuit of its resolution.“

“So actually what you are selling is this feeling of understanding, this feeling of clarity. And how long does this feeling supposedly last?”

“Forever! Once you have had a particular Thought Vector, that you have not originated, you can never have the same one again. But as soon as you think about it, it calls up that warm feeling of understanding you got when you originally resolved it. It’s unmistakable, impossible to mimic and gratifying beyond words! However, it is not only this end result that is of value, though without a doubt it is the ultimate payoff. The process through resolving it elicits a single-mindedness and focus that few other activities call up from an individual. The intensity of purpose, the dedication to it’s resolution, the semi-elation of thinking you have resolved it to the relentless self-honesty of looking at it from every angle and crevice to verify. One is never so alive as when one is on a Thought Vector; never so satisfied as when one has resolved one. Though, this can only be enjoyed once.”

“Well, I’m not being tricked into paying out that huge sum for something I still have no real grasp on. Good luck to you, and good day.”

“Thank you for dropping by. Enjoy your free sample! Hope to see you back here soon.”

© Sean G. O’Leary 2007

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