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Welcome Rant

Here is a place to share (and promote) my poetry, prose, photography, music and other hobbies that illicit attention to detail, as is signal of any art.

I genuinely hope some of it creates an effect on you!

I have produced a fair amount of art over the years, but I wouldn’t say, prolific. Eventually, I’ll get most of it posted here. Wherever possible, I have used (and will use) images that I have taken or created myself. I have modified my own finished work dates to reflect the closest date I consider (or “remember”) the work to have been completed. Current/future works shouldn’t need these modifications.

I accept all criticisms of spelling, grammar, punctuation, time-line consistency, etc.; and thank you in advance for an attentive eye. Please note: I am from Canada and many of our spellings follow the UK standard. Also, many times in poetry (and prose), rules of spelling, grammar and punctuation get stretched and enjoy impunity to criticism. Content, structure, style, etc. are not really up for “correction”.

I write about many subjects from many viewpoints. Not all the viewpoints are necessarily my own, though most are. If you find yourself wanting to lash out at me because of something I wrote, keep that in mind. I am open to discussion, even argument, but not in anger. I reserve the right to delete any comments/posts/users I consider to fall into this category.

Sean G. O’Leary