In Your Orbit

Standing room only, puts the energy in frame.
Fireflies alight, contrast comfort, safe and tame.

Twinkling lights, wax and wane, our smiling faces bright.
Music to our ears, was the music and the night.

Cotton candy melodies... delicious... disappear.
Leaving sweetness in the heart, of course, and in the ear.

Involuntary dancing, response of prime and joy.
Twisting sway and brushing hands, and not an ounce of coy.

Alone, us two, in reverie, to thumping mantra bass.
Passing folk looked on in awe, aspired to our place.

Your bubble spread to those nearby... effect was logarithmic.
A voluntary Mesmer, overcame all those were in it.

Soon the space was filled by you, rapt in spell of moment.
As if by magic circumstance, to your orbit, music bent.

Drawing in the essence with a force of gentle tide.
A natural co-existence from which none may wish to hide.

Wave and wave of pleasured sounds,
wash over souls to loosen bounds.

Radiating happiness, as timeless as the sea.
Barely, can I pose believe, this lady's here with me.

© Sean G. O'Leary, February 2024
Inspired by a magical night with ZB.

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