Wet Work

Who cares to see the softer side
of jobs, whose definitions hide
the details and the methods used;
leave life and limb and soul abused.

Something Wonderful

I woke up with this feeling
that I do not want to shake.
I’ve nurtured it throughout the day,
I have to stay awake.
It is tenuous and fragile,
like a wave without a wake.


What is more important than you being here with me?
I have all the insight of a spirit that is free.
Push against me, hard, so that I know that you are there.
Grab my nape with meaning, like a mother’s forceful care.

Feel Good Evil

Feel good evil take the stage when hurting hearts are kept in cage.
A slight remark to bolster presence, devolves to tear down lives.
Sensibly, one turns an ear on blather come from far or near;
But, yet, an opined slur survives, and, yes, it even thrives.

What Words

What words would last a million years?
What notion lay they bare?
What sentiment, when one just hears?
Intent will persevere.