I’ve been writing throughout my life. Mostly poetry, for friends and family; the majority of which have been prompted by some inspirational event or observation in my life. Unlike prose, poetry is not so often regarded as fiction, whereas, many of mine are exactly that (but many of them are not). I hope you will use your kind heart as a mirror to tell the difference.

Over the years, I have also turned my pen/keyboard to prose. Anything hard-published (now or in the future) is/will-be omitted, so read’m here while you can. I hope you enjoy.

There is a “Proofing” section below in which you may see works that are in need of that. If you are so inclined, please read and comment on any errors you find. Thank you.


Book Manuscripts

  • The Poet Exposed
    A collection of original poetry. Inspirational, philosophical, satirical, cynical, dark, ranting and lamenting,
  • The Poet Exposed – Appendix
    An appendix to “The Poet Exposed”.
  • L.E.G.A.C.Y. Book Two
    Grandpa’s Grandson, Turner, continues the Legacy in the grey zone of morality.
  • L.E.G.A.C.Y. Book One
    Grandpa discovers the next evolutionary step for humankind.
  • The Ghosts of Flies
    Obsession, compulsion, phobia and a heart condition are fatally mixed in Timothy Darling’s life.

Prose – Essay/Short-Story



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